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Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Denise R. Fix.  I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts.  As a child I always felt different from others because I had the ability to see visions and predict events that would come to pass for family members and friends.  With time I accepted these abilities as gifts and wanted to share my treasure with others.  I would describe myself as a Spiritualist who is on a quest to find and express my true destiny by sharing my gifts through inspirational and channeled messages from the spirit or spirit world.  I am also a Psychic healer, mother, friend and lover of all expressions of life.  I have our Creator to thank for these wonderful gifts entrusted to me.  My journey began by providing psychic readings at Pyramid Books in Salem, MA.  This early beginning soon blossomed and I was elated by the need to expand.  To meet the growing demand for my psychic skills, I started providing appointments from my home through referrals only.  Now, to my delight,  it is time to grow again!

During my career I have had the pleasure of using my abilities in many ways, some of which have included: Providing psychic readings to people across the world; Making television appearances and performing psychic readings for celebrities; Consulting for a spiritual movie through Chowderhouse Productions; Changing the lives of thousands; offering life-altering information.  I am open to many dimensions of life and vibrations of energy.  I invite you to experience life to it's fullest measure of joy!  Life is a wondrous journey and its time is precious.  Let the steps of your travel leave footprints of love for one another and be illuminated by sharing each others light without the burdens of judging one another.  It is comforting to know that loved ones who have passed are faithful companions on life's journey of the soul.  Their voices live on to guide and nurture us.  We just need to know how to listen!. 

I am available Tuesday through Saturday at my Andover office.  Please call my number 978-519-6300 for more information about fees or to schedule your 1/2 hour or one hour reading.  I require a non-refundable $25.00 deposit per person at the time of your booking.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of your reading.  Mention that you found me on the web and get the tape of your session for free!  Phone sessions are now available.

Telephone:  978-519-6300


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